raffineret The Holiday (Paperback) by James Erica 8ICp3Jfk

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  • 1960 Antal på lager


Product Description:

Torn between struggling to live up to the expectations of being a Modern Woman and ridding herself of the effect of a repressed upbringing Izzy Jordan would be the first to admit that it's time to take stock of her life. She's thirty-one with a teaching career on the skids - not surprising really given that she harbours a strong desire to lock her pupils in the art room cupboard and throw away the key. She also has a manipulative mother and an ex-boyfriend whose parting shot was to tell her she was boring in bed

So when she's invited to spend the summer on Corfu and is offered the chance of a no-strings holiday romance with the irresistible Theo what should she do? Go for it or listen to the voice of Modern Woman and tell him to sling his hook? Just as she thinks she's made up her mind along comes Mark whose turbulent past sets in motion a series of dramatic events...