Populære produkter Looking at European Frames: A Guide to Terms Styles and Techniques (Paperback) by Karraker D. Gene LZ1WnTGN

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This is a concise yet detailed and informative guide to the terms styles and techniques of European frame making. Works of art in their own right frames play an essential and often overlooked role in complementing the art works they surround. The craft and history of European frames is a fascinating subject and this volume provides readers with a rich and informative guide to the frame maker's art from the 13th to the 19th century. Featuring more than 200 concise yet detailed entries - arranged alphabetically from abacus to whiting - that explain the techniques materials and styles involved in the making of frames and lavishly illustrated throughout 'Looking at European Frames' is an invaluable resource for professionals collectors and anyone wanting to further their understanding and enjoyment of frames.