Perfekt Prostatitis and Its Management: Concepts and Recommendations for Clinical Practice (Hardcover) by Cai Tommaso Bjerklund Johansen Truls E. Q3JuHNnj

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Product Description:

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the current and emerging management of prostatitis from diagnosis to therapy. It addresses all clinical aspects of the prostatitis syndrome and equips the reader with all the information needed to offer a tailored therapy. Furthermore clinical implications of the disease are analyzed and discussed with particular attention to andrological complications (infertility) and the possible link between prostatitis and prostate cancer. Special consideration is also given to contemporary aspects of prostatitis management relating to antibiotic stewardship and elevated PSA bearing in mind that thoughtless treatment of prostatitis represents malpractice and sometimes even a forensic issue. The final chapter comprising questions and answers will be valuable for quick consultation in everyday clinical practice. This book will be a truly practical guide for physicians involved in the diagnostic work-up and treatment of patients suspected of having prostatitis and will also serve as a ready source of information for all physicians who occasionally see prostatitis patients.