Ny tilføjelse The Pragmatic Turn: Toward Action-Oriented Views in Cognitive Science (Strungmann Forum Reports) (Hardcover) by Engel Andreas K. Friston Karl J. Kragic Danica Yp1JjaaY

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Cognitive science is experiencing a pragmatic turn away from the traditional representation-centered framework toward a view that focuses on understanding cognition as 'enactive.' This enactive view holds that cognition does not produce models of the world but rather subserves action as it is grounded in sensorimotor skills. In this volume experts from cognitive science neuroscience psychology robotics and philosophy of mind assess the foundations and implications of a novel action-oriented view of cognition. Their contributions and supporting experimental evidence show that an enactive approach to cognitive science enables strong conceptual advances and the chapters explore key concepts for this new model of cognition. The contributors discuss the implications of an enactive approach for cognitive development; action-oriented models of cognitive processing; action-oriented understandings of consciousness and experience; and the accompanying paradigm shifts in the fields of philosophy brain science robotics and psychology. ContributorsMoshe Bar Lawrence W. Barsalov Olaf Blanke Jeannette Bohg Martin V. Butz Peter F. Dominey Andreas K. Engel Judith M. Ford Karl J. Friston Chris D. Frith Shaun Gallagher Antonia Hamilton Tobias Heed Cecilia Heyes Elisabeth Hill Matej Hoffmann Jakob Hohwy Bernhard Hommel Atsushi Iriki Pierre Jacob Henrik Jorntell Jurgen Jost James Kilner Gunther Knoblich Peter Konig Danica Kragic Miriam Kyselo Alexander Maye Marek McGann Richard Menary Thomas Metzinger Ezequiel Morsella Saskia Nagel Kevin J. O'Regan Pierre-Yves Oudeyer Giovanni Pezzulo Tony J. Prescott Wolfgang Prinz Friedemann Pulvermuller Robert Rupert Marti Sanchez-Fibla Andrew Schwartz Anil K. Seth Vicky Southgate Antonella Tramacere John K. Tsotsos Paul F. M. J. Verschure Gabriella Vigliocco Gottfried Vosgerau