Ny tilføjelse Property Valuation (Paperback) by Wyatt Peter sGmVKmNA

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Product Description:

This new edition of the all in one' textbook for thepostgraduate study of valuation on real estate courses retains itsfocus on the valuation and appraisal of commercial and industrialproperty across investment development and occupier markets. It isstructured from the client perspective and coverssingle-asset pricing risk and return issues. The structure of the book has been substantially revised. Part Aintroduces the key microeconomic principles focussing on land as aresource production functions supply and demand and pricedetermination. The locational aspect of real estate is alsointroduced. Macroeconomic considerations are categorised bythe main market sectors (and their function); the market for land(development) for space (occupation) and for money(investment). The economic context is set and the author thenexplains why property valuations are required and discusses themain determinants of value and how they might beidentified. The mathematics required to financially quantifyvalue determinants are also introduced. Part B of the bookdescribes the methods of valuation; Part C applies these methods tothe valuation of a range of property types for a wide variety ofpurposes; and Part D covers investment and developmentappraisal. The author introduces valuation activities from a broad economicperspective setting valuation in its business finance context andcombining its academic and practical roots. Changes in thissecond edition include: less daunting economics expanded companion website with PowerPoint slides forlecturers self-test Questions & Answers for students: see www.wiley.com/go/wyattpropertyvaluation up-to-date case studies and sample valuations reference to the newly-published Red Book (thevaluer s bible) Property Valuation with its user-friendly format usingtried-and-tested teaching and learning devices and a clear writingstyle remains the core text for students on real estate estatemanagement and land economy degree courses as well as forfast-track conversion courses for non-cognate graduates.