Moderne farve Snow Fight by Morgan Winter 6FMnFbPE

  • Model: 6FMnFbPE
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Product Description:

Welcome to Terraria a world like Minecraft's Overworld that's bursting with action mystery and adventure. Here you can discover unique treasures to horde wondrous biomes to explore intricate buildings to construct and treacherous villains to fight. In this second exciting installment in the Tales of a Terrarian Warrior series Miles's quest to become Terraria's greatest hero continues. Miles finds himself in a new biome where even the slightest attack could be lethal so he befriends a wizard and quickly begins to master the art of magic. But when he picks up an innocent-looking snow globe and accidentally sets the Frost Legion loose Miles may just have met his match. While sinister snowmen attack and plummeting temperatures threaten to bring Miles's adventures to an end he must summon all his strength to fight. As this action-packed series develops unlikely enemies appear allies are tested and Miles's world is changed forever.