Meget høj kvalitet Advanced Negotiation Skills In A Week: Master Negotiating In Just Seven Steps (Paperback) by Fleming Peter eYZ3NWpF

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Perfecting your negotiation skills just got easier As a more experienced negotiator how do you improve the results you achieve from the negotiating process? When you think about your most recent negotiating experiences do you think you could have achieved more? The aim of this book is to help you take your negotiating skills to the next level. 'Win/win' is still your principal aim even if it seems a hard standard to achieve

In Advanced Negotiation Skills In A Week you will learn to: - Strengthen your inner determination and confidence - Choose a preferred negotiating style - Bild and fulfil a partnering relationship for the longer term - Analyse opportunities for influencing opponents' organizations - Build and lead a focused negotiating team - Agree the rules of engagement - Use consulting behaviour to uncover problems and ways of achieving movement in a case - Analyse and manage conflict - Avoid embarrassment through failure to close a deal by learning about common mistakes - Celebrate success and plan your future The book takes you through a seven day process: - Sunday: Preparation: a hard taskmaster - Monday: Negotiating growth through partnering - Tuesday: Effective influence in negotiation - Wednesday: Making proposals and trading concessions - Thursday: Problem-solving through consulting and listening skills - Friday: What if? - closing skills - Saturday: Celebrating the successful outcome