Komfortabel Distributed Systems for System Architects (Advances in Distributed Computing and Middleware) (Paperback) by Verissimo Paulo Rodrigues Luis UeCrXyfZ

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The primary audience for this book are advanced undergraduate students and graduate students. Computer architecture as it happened in other fields such as electronics evolved from the small to the large that is it left the realm of low-level hardware constructs and gained new dimensions as distributed systems became the keyword for system implementation. As such the system architect today assembles pieces of hardware that are at least as large as a computer or a network router or a LAN hub and assigns pieces of software that are self-contained such as client or server programs Java applets or pro- tocol modules to those hardware components. The freedom she/he now has is tremendously challenging. The problems alas have increased too. What was before mastered and tested carefully before a fully-fledged mainframe or a closely-coupled computer cluster came out on the market is today left to the responsibility of computer engineers and scientists invested in the role of system architects who fulfil this role on behalf of software vendors and in- tegrators add-value system developers R&D institutes and final users. As system complexity size and diversity grow so increases the probability of in- consistency unreliability non responsiveness and insecurity not to mention the management overhead. What System Architects Need to Know The insight such an architect must have includes but goes well beyond the functional properties of distributed systems.