Godt salg Lost in the Eurofog: The Textual Fit of Translated Law (Studies in Language Culture and Society) (Hardcover) by Biel Lucja Je2kXf9j

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The book is one of the few in-depth investigations into the nature of EU legal translation and its impact on national legal languages. It is also the first attempt to characterise EU Polish a language of supranational law and a hybrid variant of legal Polish emerging via translation. The book applies Chesterman's concept of textual fit that is how translations differ from non-translations to demonstrate empirically on large corpora how the Polish eurolect departs from the conventions of legal and general Polish both at the macrostructural and the microstructural level. The findings are juxtaposed with the pre-accession version of Polish law to track the Europeanisation of legal Polish - recent changes brought about by the unprecedented inflow of EU translations.